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  1. Can I access Nanoogo from my mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android, Etc.)?

  2. Can I delete comments posted by my students?

  3. Can I suggest illustration ideas for the GoShop?

  4. Can I upload a video or mp3?

  5. Can I upload images for my students?

  6. Can I upload images from my iPhone, Android phone?

  7. Can I upload my own image for my avatar?

  8. Can my child receive private messages from stranger?

  9. Can my students change their username?

  10. Do I need to approve all the posts my students submit?

  11. Do you have a mobile app?

  12. How can I quickly add lots of students?

  13. How do I change my avatar?

  14. How do I change my title?

  15. How do I chat with my friends?

  16. How do I close my (child’s) account?

  17. How do I earn GoPoints?

  18. How do I embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo?

  19. How do I invite my friends?

  20. How do I send my icon/image back so it shows behind other icons?

  21. How much does it cost?

  22. I can’t login! Why?

  23. I have a feature request. How can I let you know?

  24. Is it a social network?

  25. Is it safe for kids?

  26. Is Nanoogo safe for kids?

  27. Is there a cost to join Nanoogo?

  28. Is there a tutorial on how to use your creative canvas?

  29. Is your site COPPA-compliant?

  30. My parent still hasn’t received the verification email. Can you help?

  31. The drag-and-drop of the icons is not working! What gives?

  32. What are GoPoints? What can I do with them?

  33. What are some safety tips on using Nanoogo?

  34. What are the benefits of using Nanoogo?

  35. What hardware do I need?

  36. What is Nanoogo?

  37. Where can I find some copyright-free images to use in my classes?

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